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Our New Organic Drink Blends — Hot Chocolate. Coco Crunch. Chai

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Take the time to choose your favourite drink blend. A rich, warming mug or a cool, energising glass, a time to reflect or a time to share. Whatever the occasion, pour, stir and indulge in delicious.


Treat yourself to a steaming mug of dark and decadent chocolate. Relish in sweet toffee notes of Columbian panela sugar and hints of malt, spice and almonds. Tastes like a warm hug, only more delightful.

Available at Woolworths and Independent Grocers.


Enriched with organic goodness and bursting with nostalgic flavours this crunchy chocolate trip down memory lane is sure to delight. Drink it hot or cold or sprinkle it over your favourite frozen dessert. On second thoughts, devour it by the spoonful.

Available at Independent Grocers.


A considered blend of seven aromatic spices, artfully combined to create a premium chai drinking experience, like no other. Drift away on heady notes of cardamon, cinnamon and ginger, while savouring every sip.

Available at Independent Grocers.

Treat yourself to a mug of delicious

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Available at

And Independent Grocers

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