More chocolate. Less packaging.
Eggs-actly how we like it!

We’re flipping our chocolate egg range on its head this year with a whole new look and incredible new flavours. Our eggs are now flatter, thicker, and even more delicious than ever. Plus, they’re saving the planet with 80% less packaging. So, you can love your insides, and the earth.


Hot Cross Bun

Our sweet and salty caramel coconut base mixed with the aromatic spices of our scrumptious chai drink blend. Cinnamon, ginger, star anise, nutmeg, and plump raisins. All of the warm, comforting flavours of a hot cross bun in a thick slab of organic chocolate.

Available in Coles & Independent Grocers.


Peanut Butter
& Strawberry

Our twist on peanut butter & jelly is unimaginably good. A smooth mylk chocolate base blended with chunky roasted peanut butter, and wait for it, bursts of deliciously chewy dried strawberries. It’s all just a little bit pb&j perfect.

Available in Woolworths & Independent Grocers.


Mint Crunch

Our rich, decadent, and velvety smooth dark chocolate sprinkled with crunchy, peppermint-infused pieces for a refreshing surprise. This dark chocolate egg is tempered to ‘crack’ with every minty mouth-tingling piece.

Available in Coles, Woolworths, Independent Grocers & Myer.


Golden Comb

Everything you love about our smooth mylk chocolate, only thicker, and loaded with more golden comb than ever. Make the most of this deliciously sweet, subtly crunchy, golden chocolate dream while it lasts.

Available in Coles, Woolworths, Independent Grocers & Myer.



Our seriously moreish dreamy white chocolate base in a thick, egg-shaped slab filled with perfectly roasted macadamias. Bite. Crunch. Love. Repeat. Lucky these white chocolate eggs are limited because… addictive.

Available in Woolworths & Myer.

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