More Frozen Deliciousness

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new frozen dessert range, now in 950mL tubs of goodness, including three new flavours – Burnt Fig & Caramel, Peanut Maple, and Salted Mango & Macadamia. Plus, we’ve added extra flavours and an extra stick to our frozen dessert packs too. More value for you, more love for your tastebuds.

Burnt Fig & Caramel

Our luscious coconut base rippling with caramel ribbons and smatterings of rich, burnt fig flavour. A truly sophisticated indulgence.

Salted Mango & Macadamia

Folds of salted mango rippling through our luscious coconut base, sprinkled with nutty caramelised macadamias. Welcome to paradise.

Maple Peanut

This morish combination of velvety maple syrup and crunchy roasted peanuts will have you scooping endlessly.

Coco Crunch 4pk

Rich choc-coconut base coated in dreamy white chocolate and coco crunch. It’s nostalgia on a stick.

Hazelnut 4pk

Our nuttiest frozen dessert sticks with a smooth coconutty base dipped in mylk chocolate and roasted

Explore our new frozen dessert range

Explore our new frozen dessert range