Vegan chocolate desserts are all the rage now, with more people appreciating the value of vegan products without being one themselves. Such desserts come loaded with health benefits. As such, dessert lovers have this insatiable need to try and enjoy them.

In this article, we discuss more insights about this lovely dessert. First, we define what vegan chocolate is all about. We then move to some awesome brands you may want to try for the best vegan products. To complete the entire vegan journey, you will also learn simple recipes to try. So, let’s get started!

What Is Vegan Chocolate? 

Food is vegan when it does not contain anything derived from animals. It means even bi-products that originate from animals are non-vegan. It includes milk and other dairy products. As such, vegans uphold the support and consumption of products derived from plants. 

Vegan chocolate does not have dairy in it. For the most part, it only uses ingredients such as cacao beans and sugar. Now, this can be developed to become milk chocolate and other varieties. Yes, adding milk makes the chocolate non-vegan. But, if it’s from soy, almond, and other nuts, then it’s safe.

Benefits of vegan chocolate 

As mentioned, this type of chocolate comes with a host of benefits. It is why vegan and even non-vegans alike enjoy having this dessert. Here are some of its benefits:

Healthier alternative 

In general, it is a healthier alternative because of its origin. Plants have less fat content in them. Also, it does not have a lot of carcinogenic components compared to animal products. As such, the consumption of vegan chocolate is safer than the regular ones available. It comes as no surprise that doctors and other fitness enthusiasts endorse this type.

Aids in weight loss 

Because of its lesser fat content, weight watchers would find this irresistible. Consumption of this product transposes to fewer calories for burning. But, this type of chocolate is not only for those who wish to lose weight. It’s for everyone who desires to keep their caloric and fat intake in check. Now, there’s no need to feel guilty for enjoying something good for you.

What Is the Best Chocolate For Vegans? 

Here, we share some great brands that carry vegan chocolates and other products. So, the next time you go shopping, check out these brands and try them. All these brands are great in their own right. Some are even popular the world over because of their quality chocolates among others. 

Enjoy Life Foods 

They pride themselves on having gluten-free products. Even better, theirs also don’t have any nuts, soy, and dairy in them. All their products are free from 14 allergens. Also, everything uses 100 percent non-GMO ingredients. Talk about a brand that takes veganism in a very serious way. It’s one brand that will never put vegans and even non-vegans down for sure.

Pana Organic 

They are creators of delectable and scrumptious vegan/organic food. Their products are not only good for you but also for the environment. For strict adherence to veganism, all their products are 100 percent plant-based. It’s even endorsed by Coeliac Australia. You are sure to have nothing but the best and healthiest products with Pana Organic. Visit their website and learn more about what they offer.

Go Max Go 

How cute is its name? They named their company in memory of their dog, Max in motion. This company is vegan-owned. Also, they are proud to have the most natural candy bars you have ever tasted. Their vegan options are to die for. You would not even know the difference. Only, you get the assurance that their candies are healthy and good for you.

No Whey Foods 

They strive for everyone to have access to quality natural and allergen-free chocolate. No Whey Foods products range from milk-like chocolate to vegan white chocolate. Hey, they even have Reeses TM peanut butter alternatives. Imagine all your favourite dessert brands. They have vegan versions of them! How awesome is that? Everything gets created milk-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, among many others.

Panda Chocolates 

This company does not believe in compromise, especially about their chocolates. Theirs are milk and dairy-free ones that promise a lot of health benefits to them. It took them two years to achieve the goal of creamy and satisfying non-dairy milk chocolate. They are even confident (not cocky) in believing that they can even convert the greatest hater. If you are sceptical, let the more than half a million sales to enthusiasts worldwide speak for themselves.


If you want a company that s driven by aspiration and advocacy, take note of Sjaak’s. The company is minority-women-owned. Also, their dedication to quality reflects their respect for the planet. They also believe in an interesting insight. Combining fresh ingredients with a handmade approach, the creation of delicious products happens. Sjaak’s also sources nothing but the best quality and organic ingredients.

Pascha Chocolate 

Their chocolate is from single-origin, organic, and fine aroma Criollo cacao beans. These grow in the foothills of the Andes Mountains leading to the Amazon Rainforest. They are known for their “Bean to Bar At Source.” It means that the cocoa beans are fresher than when they before turned into chocolate. Pascha products are 100 percent plant-based. Such lovely chocolates also are free from soy, emulsifiers, refined sugar, and palm oil.

In conclusion 

Nothing is stopping you from having vegan chocolate desserts. Now that you know a little bit more information about it, there should be more curious to try. Soon, curiosity becomes an active decision to have more. Because of this, we provided a list of brands you need to check out for the best vegan chocolate products.

So, go ahead and have an open mind. Do not be swayed by the common misunderstanding that vegan products are bland. There are companies/brands like Pana Organic that can prove you wrong. Remember, you do not need to go 100 percent vegan to enjoy these dessert offerings.


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