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We are creators of delicious, vegan, organic food that’s full of nourishing goodness for both you and the earth.

All our products are 100% plant based, certified organic and endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Love your insides. Love the earth.

Discover delicious with our lovingly crafted, carefully curated, and award winning in-house recipes.

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There's nothing like the first mouthful of our dreamy, smooth and creamy Mint Frozen Dessert sticks! The tempered snap of our bittersweet, dark Pana Organic chocolate will leave you in love at first bite.
Our delicious, chocolate-coated Frozen Dessert sticks are available in boxes of four. That's four to share or four to indulge in all to yourself! Or should we say four-self? (See what we did there?)⁠
Because more is more with Pana Organic.
More fun with friends. More summer nights. More to share. More to enjoy. More time for the classics. Like our plant-based, gluten-free and organic Frozen Desserts. Because more is more with Pana Organic.
Did you expect our Double Chocolate Frozen Dessert to be THIS creamy, chocolate-y and delicious? Did we mention it's completely plant-based and gluten free? There's a reason these guys walk off the shelves!⁠
What's your flavour? Have you tried them all? Head to your local Coles, Woolworths or local independent grocer to sample them all! (Because more is more with Pana Organic).
Our Mint Frozen Dessert Sticks are a dreamy frozen dessert base with a hint of mint, coated in bittersweet dark chocolate. More time for the classics, with an organic twist.
Double the scoop for double the delicious. More value for you, more love for your tastebuds! Which flavour are you reaching for this summer?
Pana Organic Frozen Dessert sticks are the plant-based, gluten-free, delicious frozen desserts you know and love, coated in our famous Pana Organic chocolate.
More time for classics, reinvented. Like our Vanilla Frozen Dessert - real vanilla bean folded through the dreamiest coconut dessert. It’s plant-based perfection.
Are you reaching for a decadent Frozen Dessert TUB or a sneaky dessert STICK? What's your preference - tell us below!
Our Frozen Dessert tubs are 950mL of plant-based, gluten-free deliciousness. Because sometimes the little things can leave you wanting MORE.
More time with friends. More balmy, summer nights. More to share and more to enjoy! More is more with Pana Organic Frozen Desserts.
Who ever said less is more? More is definitely more with Pana Organic Frozen Desserts.
May your day be filled with chocolatey goodness. Choose from one of our decadent base flavours, Dark, Salted Caramel, White and Mylk.
You don't need to spread it on anything... just grab a spoon and devour straight from the jar.
Our irresistably smooth and indulgent Baking Choc Chips are available in both Mylk and Dark chocolate. What delicious treat are you baking them into this weekend?
Our Dark Choc & Hazelnut snack bar is love at first bite! The perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

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