Love your insides. Love the earth.

Pana Organic

We exist to create amazing, vegan, organic food for every one and every occasion. Our products are plant based, gluten free, dairy free and guilt free – full of nourishing goodness for both you and the earth.

Our Story

‘In the early 2000s, an artisan placed a raw chocolate in my hand, and the second I tasted it, everything changed.’

The experience was overwhelmingly delicious, and one I wanted to share. With my love of healthy living, passion for food, and a deep obsession with artisan crafts, I knew that hand-made, vegan chocolate was what I needed to do next.

I began researching and crafting organic, vegan chocolates and six months later I was delivering the handmade, fudgy packs of dark chocolate on my Vespa to local, independent stores around Melbourne. What started as a side-hustle scaled quickly into a thriving business and an exciting vision of sharing my love of chocolate with the world.

Despite such rapid growth, one thing has never wavered, our approach to artisanal quality.

Pana Barbounis,
Founder and CEO of Pana Organic

Carefully crafted. Lovingly handmade. Our 45g blocks are still made 100% by hand in our Melbourne kitchen, by a team of locals. That’s why you can taste the love in every bite.

We care deeply about the origins of our products and the impact we have on our planet, responsibly sourcing only the finest organic, sustainable ingredients.


Certifiable goodness.

100% VEGAN

We all deeply care about the planet and all living creatures that grace its surface. By choosing our product you personally contribute to reducing animal suffering and environmental damage.

Certified Organic

We’ve always been a gluten-free business, now it’s just a little bit more formal. We’re very proud to be endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Coeliac Australia Endorsed

Our promise to you: we stand by our brand name… whatever Pana Organic product you devour, every ingredient Australian Certified Organic.

Discover delicious with our lovingly crafted, carefully curated, and award winning in-house recipes.


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