We’ve won gold at Nourish’s Vegan Awards 2021!

Because of you, we’ve won not one, not two, but three medals. These are the favourites that 210,000 of you that voted for!

Best Vegan

Our chocolate started with seriously dark, fudgy flavours and is now available in dreamy white, caramel, and mylk varieties. You won’t find a more delicious range of chocolate this side of the moon.

Explore our winning range

Explore our winning chocolate

Best Vegan
Frozen Dessert

Our frozen desserts come in tubs and stick varieties. They’re bursting with flavourful, creamy, dreaminess to be enjoyed at any time of day. Tubs of vanilla bean for breakfast?

Explore our winning range

Explore our winning frozen desserts

Finalist Best Vegan

The flavour combinations in our spreads are completely irresistible. Dip, spoon, lick, spread. The jar never lasts long.

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As Australia’s leading plant-based magazine, Nourish empowers people to make positive lifestyle changes. Each year the Nourish Vegan Awards creates the ultimate consumer guide for those embracing a plant-based lifestyle. The year’s best vegan brands and products across 28 categories were revealed on World Vegan Day 2021, with the 2021 edition of ‘The Ultimate Guide to the best in Plant-based Living’ featuring this year’s winners and finalists published in the November issue of Nourish magazine, on sale 1st November.

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